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Zoo Ecomuseum Zoo Ecomuseum Zoo Ecomuseum Zoo Ecomuseum Zoo Ecomuseum Zoo Ecomuseum

Québec's wildlife in a natural and enchanting setting.

The only zoo exclusively dedicated to Québec wildlife, the Ecomuseum Zoo welcomes non-releasable animals that cannot return to the wild and provides them a safe and loving home within an organization entirely devoted to their well-being. Injured, orphaned or born under human care, the residents of the Ecomuseum Zoo don't have the abilities required to survive in their natural environment. Meet Québec's wildlife such as the Red fox, the American Porcupine, the River Otter, the Gray Wolf, the White tailed deer, the Snowy owl, the Bald Eagle, the Great-horned )wl, the American Kestrel and more!

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